Blessed Beyond Measure

It only seemed appropriate that I come back to the blog in time for Thanksgiving. This past year has blown me away and I couldn't be more grateful. Twelve months ago you would have found me putting in my two weeks notice at a comfortable job and living in Arizona. The months prior were full of questioning whether I should quit my job with nothing new lined up and move to Tennessee. 

I look back at that season and I can't remember being scared. I felt relieved. I was at peace. God nudged me and told me I was doing the right thing. He was paving a path. I just needed to trust Him, and I did.

After I put in my notice, I never went without a paycheck. I went from full-time employment to contractual work to freelance and back to full-time in March, with some freelance work on the side. I found myself at the state's paper and while that job was HORRIBLE, I met amazing and wonderful people who are now my dear friends.

Fast forward and for the past few months I've been working at a new company. A company that gave me culture shock in the first week because it's just not normal. You have a man of honor leading the company who constantly reminds us that our mission is to help people and we can't do that unless we keep God at the center of the company and our lives. (Google "financial company Brentwood" and the one with the 4.9 rating is where I work.) Y'all, I could give a hundred reasons why it's the most wonderful place to work, but just take my word for it. I'm blessed. And I don't deserve it.

Throw in that this year I met my boyfriend online and we've been together for eight months now. And HELLO, I'm. Living. In. Tennessee. I still drive around stunned that I actually live here. It's my first fall and I'm in love. The leaves, the cold. Everything is beautiful and that feeling in the air? It's everything I thought it would be and more. 




On Being Radio Silent

On work

I live in Tennessee. Me. In Tennessee. I still can't believe it. I get to work in Nashville, live in my dream city. & I love it. The job is going well so far, minus a bit of drama. No need to get into that, but I plan on soaking up everything I can and this seems like the perfect next step for me.

On home

I'm loving my apartment. It's the homiest. Ever. I hated living alone in Arizona. But looking back, I think that was due to other circumstances that made me feel alone. Anyway, my apartment is close to everything you can imagineโ€”less than two miles from a mall, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Kroger, you name it. I love, love, love it.

On my heart

I have a new best friend at work who frequently talks about her online dating experiences. Well, I got curious and decided to create a profile. Let me tell you, there are a lot of bad options out there. But somehow I happened to find someone who is incredibly sweet, caring, and gives me an abundant amount of his time. We went on our first date two weekends ago and he drove THREE HOURS to meet me. (Of course, I had to find someone who lives in Alabama.) And he's driving to see me this weekend. Maybe, just maybe, he'll be a keeper.



Thoughts on Moving

I start my new job on March 6th. I'll be at a pretty stellar company in downtown Nashville, but I'm anxious to start. The last six years were spent at one company and it's all I've known. So going somewhere new is kinda scary.

This whole moving thing has been a bit scary. I don't know exactly why, other than I think I have a difficult time relaxing. I know I need to break some habits because things overwhelm me more than they have in the past. When I find the time to relax, I feel guilty and am constantly thinking I should be doing more. That I'm not doing enough. That I'm not enough. & That's an icky way to think about yourself. 

Instead, I should just be excited. Don't get me wrong, I am excited. But I'm also incredibly freaked out. Moving costs a lot of money. There was getting my car in stellar shape to make the drive across the country. There was the lengthy 5-day road trip that I treated to myself and my mom. There's finding an apartment and application fees and rent. There's buying stuff for the new place because all my stuff is still packed in Arizona. (Which I'm not too thrilled about because I finally have my own place and I don't have my stuff with me. & I don't see spending $1500 - $2000 right now to move it back here. Thankfully my mom has more than enough stuff I can borrow.)

In any case, I did find a place to live. I chose an apartment complex in Franklin. It's about 25 minutes from work, but I'm more than happy to commute since it means being in my dream city and the place I've ultimately wanted to live. The apartment is a one-bedroom with wood floors and a fireplace. & It's super close to everything. There's a Starbucks across the street, a mall down the road, a Target within a 3-minute drive, a Sprouts nearby, and downtown Franklin a short 10 minutes away. I'm stoked. 

Plus, now I can go to a bunch of neat stuff that I've wanted to attend. Like The Country Living Fair in April, The World's Longest Yard Sale in August, and Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival in the Fall. & Maybe check out quirky Southern events like Mule Day, which I recently learned about and my mom can remember attending with her dad when she was a little girl.

This year I'll also be hunting for a permanent home. My ideal place is a small white house with character and a little bit of land. But we'll see. That's all future stuff.

Anyway, I can't really believe all this is actually happening. That I made up my mind to quit my job. That I haven't really been unemployed because I've been doing contract and freelance work ever since I left. That I moved to Tennessee. That I got a job in Nashville. & That I'll be living in my dream city. Now if I can stop being anxious all the time, take deep breaths, and just enjoy what's happening. Wish me luck.