Feeding my soul

I am optimistic about this year. I've been in a waiting period—about whether I'll get the job in Phoenix or if I should commit to Tennessee. It's been six-going-on-seven weeks since my last interview with the company in Arizona. And while I've followed up several times, there's been nothing but silence. My cousin-in-law who works at the company says he isn't surprised by their slow pace. Anyway, in this time of waiting, I've been in Tennessee. For about four or five months, I've felt a calling to be here. However, I've questioned myself because I want to be where I'm meant to be—not just where I want to be.

Since I've been in Tennessee, I feel more affirmation of this "calling." Little by little, I'm getting my passion for life back. I have projects to work toward. Projects that excite me. Like the possibility of owning my own antique store one day—even if it's not the one I posted about a few weeks ago. Or dreaming of things mom, dad, and I could do together—like flipping houses. & Brainstorming ways mom and dad could earn extra income by selling things online, and thinking about branding, web design, and product creation. & Thinking about my own branding while I freelance and continue to job hunt. 

And in between all that, I've been planning some smaller projects for my parent's place. On the list: creating a fire pit in the front yard, transforming the old smoke house in the backyard into a "she shed", and planting a garden. The rest of the time is feeding my soul with snapping photos, spending time in the Word, daily walking with the "girls" (dogs, Cinnamon and Pepper), helping mom and dad around the house, sitting on the front porch swing with a cup of coffee (best when it's rainy, snowy, or foggy), hiking in Crockett Park and thrift shopping on mom's days off work, reading (current: Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham), coloring, and journaling.



3 Tips to calm anxiety

These tactics have been working for me the past few days as I start planning my trip back to Arizona at the end of the month, finish up contract work, prep for a second phone interview with a company in Nashville, and prepare for a potential new contract opportunity.

1. Start the day in the Word.

I've started participating in the daily devotionals over at She Reads Truth. Starting my day rooted in Christ and reminding myself of His truth and promises helps me enter my day with mindset that I'm not alone in this and He has my back no matter what the day holds.

2. Write a daily to-do list.

Go into the day with a game plan. Write down the things you know you need to get done and throw in some little wins as well—like washing the dishes, folding laundry, and cleaning up your email. Those little wins are a great confidence booster. Seeing everything checked off your list at the end of the day lets you know that you accomplished what you needed to—that way you don't feel guilty when evening rolls around and you want to relax and catch up on The Bachelor.

3. Find the right playlist.

Music is known to soothe anxiety and reduce pain. So finding the right tunes to get me through my day is crucial. For me, the morning starts off with one of the Spotify Christian playlists (Browse > Genres & Moods > Christian). COFFEEHOUSE CHILL and Christian Mix are a few good ones. By afternoon, I mix it up a little with one of Spotify's featured playlists (Browse > Overview). Today's was Folk Rock Chill.

Bonus tip: Pair the above with a cup of good hot coffee.