Hi, I'm Kristyna

I'm a twentysomething coffeeaholic and wanderluster who currently resides in the desert Southwest. My position as a marketing manager--designing and creating websites for clients and assisting with various other marketing-related tasks--pays the bills.

I created The Owl Diary in 2008 as a creative outlet and a place to store all my nonsense ramblings and musings. Simply put, I like having a place all my own on the Internet. Maybe I shouldn't share so much, but I do. 

Some other things: I have a degree in Journalism. I've been drinking coffee since elementary school. I've traveled to six countries--Canada, Brazil, Ireland, France, England and Chile--and hope to visit many, many more. I'm always dreaming of Tennessee and thinking about the life I hope to one day have there. One day I'll make it.

I'm a lover of coffee, family, experiencing new places for the first time, vinyl records, messy hair, rainy days, discovering new music, coding, antique shopping, wearing no makeup, solo movie trips and escapes to Tennessee.