I've been running about all day completing errands. Internship interviews on Friday! So this means putting together portfolios all day and editing my Web site. I must say it turned out lovely. I believe in professional, quality work and like things put together nicely and neatly. Anyway, I've been printing, editing, and typing all day long while humming Cinderella songs (the one where the mice are singing while they complete her dress). A bit appropriate, since I am also trying to get things done. Believe it or not, this is what I enjoy doing. I like these types of projects- the ones that are simple, but require me to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I've recently ordered the business cards featured above from Etsy. I wanted something professional that still had personality. Although Avie designed new cards just today, so I'm a bit disappointed I didn't wait to order her newest designs instead. But oh well. Some day I'll get around to making my own, but I'm too busy at the moment to dive into all that fun.