A favorite pastime of mine involves flipping through piles and piles of magazines. To this day Home Companion remains a favorite. Growing up, my mother always had the TV tuned to HGTV and subscribed to a collection of interior design magazines. Our home has always been filled with antiques and my mother's unique creations. Her favorite pastime? Arranging furniture every other day. My mother would have been an excellent interior designer. She has an eye for beauty and knows how to make the ordinary, well, extraordinary. As a child, I would go to antique shops and yard sales with my mom. While I did not enjoy these trips then, I love them now. And I've realized that watching my mother design our home and shop for antiques has taught me more than any magazine could have ever done.

While I adore my mother's expensive taste, I am sometimes drawn to different things. My mom loves rich colors and rustic antiques. Whereas I am a fan of vintage and modern things, as well as antiques. But bright colors are a must. I'm drawn to a spring palette, whereas my mother is all for autumn colors. Between our seperate tastes, we can both agree that Magnolia Pearl is divine and her home is a perfect blend of rustic antiques and shabby chic designs.