Happy Thanksgiving! What am I thankful for?
This thing called life that Jesus Christ has gifted me with. I'm thankful that He has gifted me with grace and thinks I am beautiful. He thinks YOU are beautiful. I am thankful for every experience. The good and the bad. Sometimes it's easy for me to be stuck inside this bubble. You see the life that is portrayed on TV through shows like 90210. But then there is reality. Right now there are people in India who have just witnessed absolute horror. Terrorists are holding people hostage. Buildings are being burned down. In other countries: Suicide bombers. Muslim extremists. Aides. Poverty. Disease. Murder. Communism. In our own country: Poverty. Abortion. Suicide. Rape. Murder. It's a big world with big problems. But this will one day come to pass. God is going to save the world. And for that, I truly am thankful.