Magazines are an art form. The design, the layout, the graphics, the fonts, and the creativity of words create a work of art...

I've always been drawn to underground magazines, such as Ellegirl and Nylon, because of their artistic beauty. Let me start with Ellegirl. I am saddened that it is only a Web site and the magazine is no longer published, at least not in the United States. I loved the photography and design of this magazine, not to mention the creative articles that could not be found in mainstream magazines. The Hot Potatoe List was a favorite, as well as the following: an interview with Captain Oats (yes, the plastic horse from The O.C.!) and an article on if glasses are sexy (this required the reporter to go to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks, while wearing glasses one day and without them the next, and make note of the opposite sex reactions).

Now while Ellegirl was my favorite for many years, Nylon has taken over. I do not agree with all their views, per se. But I love the electric style and graphics of the magazine. The photography is fashionably artistic and the styles are so mind-blowingly awesome. Bright tights, leather jackets, killer heels, bright colors, and feminine pieces combined make for an awesome mag. Each month I look forward to finding Nylon sitting in my mailbox. And having learned how much I miss my Ellegirl magazines, I now save each Nylon issue. I used to cut up Ellegirl and make collages, but today I don't dare lay scissors on Nylon.