Okay well it's not really "brrr" here in Arizona. In fact, it is still in the 70s today. Ridiculous? I think so. Although the rain this past weekend was lovely. All that aside... December is here! Can you believe only one month remains in 2008?! Only two weeks left of school! (Which reminds me of grades... stressing out a bit!) But some fun stuff is coming up this month.

  1. A trip to Sedona with my wonderful friends.
  2. Christmas time!
  3. Winter sleepover. Seeing the lights at the Mormon Temple, smores popcorn, and hide-n-seek. Fun stuff.

On a random note, I've decided I want to learn videography. I love NylonTV (a favorite is the video above!). And I would love making small videos. Something different with funky music. Bright colors. Just for fun.