Finals make me a tad crazy. This time of the semester usually results in me getting sick. The past two semesters resulted in dramatic stomach problems. These stomach issues have occurred at other times since then, and I now have to have a procedure on Wednesday to get my stomach checked out. Stress is something I struggle with managing. If you know me, then you probably know why. Well this semester I am already receiving better grades than I had planned:

1. Editing, A
2. German, B-
3. Online Media, A
4. Shakespeare, ???

At the moment, I have a B+ (88.9%) in Shakespeare. If I get an A on the final, I can possibly get an A in the class. I currently have a 3.37 GPA. To keep my scholarship, I need a cumalative 3.25. For this semester, I would have to get a C to lose my scholarship. I could get a C+ and keep it. I got an A on my Shakespeare midterm, so I would think I'd do pretty well on the final. But silly me still stresses. Long story short: I want Monday to be over with already!