Nylon Magazine blog recently posted an entry I found amusing. Over a hundred people sent in their best pickup lines to the magazine and the top seven were chosen. The words in italics were written by a Nylon blogger.

1. “You must play soccer, cause girl, you are kickin’.”
Silly and yet, really cute.

2. “You look like a real challenge.”
Admit it - this one would actually work on you. It’s always the jerks…

3. “973-555-0429. Call me.”
When I read this out loud in the office, everybody laughed. Go figure.

4. “I’d like to get my basilisk in your chamber of secrets.”
Oh [gosh]. This person totally writes fan fiction.

5. “Are you the square root of two? Because my love for you is totally irrational.”

6. “I suck at dancing but I’m better at making out.”
Apparently, that one actually worked?

7. “Hello. I’m Chuck Bass.”
Enough said.

My pick for best pickup line? SEVEN. Duh.
Credit: here.