Christmas time always seems to be one of the craziest times of the year. It all starts on Black Friday. People scramble about in search for gifts. And there are always those few commercials that exaggerate the craziness, such as women knocking each other over and racing for that one gift that is the last one in stock. My mother shared a story with me today. Apparently she eyed an item in a cart that was the only one left in the store. And, according to her, it was at an insanely low price. So what does she do? Well she stood around for fifteen minutes to see if anyone came to retrieve the cart full of items. After the time had passed, my mother assumed the cart was abandoned and, when no one was looking, took the item from the cart. "But what if the cart hadn't been abandoned," I thought. It just reminded me of all the madness of this holiday. I've added this video for your enjoyment. Which further shows the reality of consumerism and how maddening some statistics really are.