1. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like dressing up every day. Or what it would be like living in Victorian times. Having to wake up and put on a courset and what not. The feathers and decoration in the hair. Sounds tiresome. But perhaps I would enjoy dressing up in pretty dresses for a royal ball with my hair all dolled up.

2. The first photograph was featured in a past issue of Nylon, and I loved the nostalgic photographs. Bunny ears, oh deer!

3. Bows, bows, bows- everywhere. I adore bows. I put them on everything- hair, clothes, my room, and the like.

4. Have your cake and eat it, too. Christmas time is a treat for my sweet tooth. But it's a curse for my stomach. I can never stop snacking. I must hit the gym soon.

5. I was not aware that back in World War II, when the UK was being bombed daily by the government, that they posted these all over the country in an effort to help lift spirits. This sign has never been more true for me at the moment. I've learned that the mind controls the majority of sicknesses and stomach problems. And with my current stomach issues, I really should keep calm and carry on.