I have been watching The O'Reilly Factor for four or five years now. And Bill O'Reilly is my favorite journalist by far. He looks out for the folks. He's not Republican or Democrat; he falls somewhere in the middle. He's hated by the far right and the far left. He doesn't let evil people get away with evil stuff. He talks about the issues that other media outlets- such as CNN and MSNBC- do not discuss. And he tells you how it is, without letting people walk all over him. After reading A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity (a favorite book!) I've learned a lot about Mr. O'Reilly. He's a patriot and an American that looks out for the people. Journalists are supposed to be watchdogs- and I think Mr. O'Reilly is doing his job. And I thank him for looking out for me and other Americans. P.S. "Miller Time" is my favorite. And I think Bill and Dennis together are a hoot.

Another side note, at age 14 or so I was going around telling people I wanted to be the next Bill O'Reilly (some were frightened). This was before I entered the 'J' School. And today, I think I can learn a lot from Mr. O'Reilly. I watch the show every week. And I still want to figure out if he has an internship available of some sort! And for those who haven't seen his show, I'd highly recommend it.