Today has been wonderful. Freezing weather with an overcast, a scrumptious breakfast, wonderful church, and running a few errands with my friend! And I am full of optimism and hope at the moment. I've decided there is no need to stress at finals. If you worry, what's the point in praying? And if you pray, what is the point in worrying? Today's message was on hope. And how sometimes God shows up late in the game. Just like the football game in '93 that is known as the biggest comeback of all time (I can't recall who was playing. I'm not a sports type of gal usually). But they were down 32 points in the third quarter and won. Things all just happen in God's timing. And God remembers your prayers, always. So what's the point in worrying? Our lives are like little dots that are all connected. People have this idea that Christianity is about being blessed and having the happiest life. But let's face it. Life isn't always happy. It's not about winning the lottery or just having some sort of 'luck'. God blesses us through our bad times, by giving us the hard stuff. It helps us grow! And through it all, you are blessed with things that just should not have happened. Like I should not be the way I am with all that I've experienced. Yet here I am today. And I'm here to say I am one blessed gal with one awesome God!