I have a slight obsession. When I find a show I like, I fall in love with it. First it was The O.C. in junior high followed by One Tree Hill in high school (still love). Then there was the Gilmore Girl obsession this past summer. And for the past two years, it's been Gossip Girl. So there you have it: four amazing shows.

1. The O.C.
Who can not love Seth Cohen, complete with his ridiculous dance moves and silly one-liners? And Coop {Mischa Barton} with her issues and Ryan constantly coming to her rescue. Anna and Summer fighting over Cohen {whose best friend is none other than his plastic horse, Captain Oats}. And Kirsten and Sandy- only the coolest parents to ever hit the screen.
Seth: What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico. Ryan: What happens in Mexico. Seth: I don't know because it stays there, that's why we must go.

2. Gilmore Girls
Lorelai and Rory. Gotta love them, despite their political views. And who can not love Luke? Plus: Dean, Jess, Logan. Who to choose? Well my favorite was Logan.

3. One Tree Hill
I fell in love with this show as I watched Nathan Scott fall for tutor girl aka Haley James. I have been hooked ever since. Not only are they the cutest couple {ever}, but Nathan Scott is probably my favorite male character out of all the shows I've watched.

4. Gossip Girl
First season it was all about Dan and Serena. Second season, I hate Dan. And I'm in love with Chuck Bass. Chuck and Blair belong together. And I can not get enough of Blair, Serena, and Little J's fashion sense.