It is impossible to explain the excitement of supercross. Every January (excluding Jan. 08) I go to Phoenix Supercross. It's quite possibly my favorite day of the year. It all started in 2001 when my family and I went to freestyle motocross. Then the following year we went to supercross. I came home obsessed. I wanted to be a rider, I watched the races on TV. I even had a bulletin board full of pictures of my favorite riders: McGrath, Carmichael, Reed, Stewart, Pastrana. At supercross you are surrounded by people who have a love for the sport. All of whom are decked out in skater hats, supercross gear, DC Shoes and Foxracing t-shirts.

I love the smell that hits me when I enter the building- a mixture of gas and what not (call me crazy). Entering the building is like entering a beehive. The riders are the bees and the bikes buzz together, making it impossible to hear anything. I get lost in watching the riders race around the track, while going over the triples and different jumps.

The opening ceremony is exciting. The lights go off, the music starts blaring, the green lights come on, the riders are introduced, the fireworks go off, the crowd cheers. Then it's qualifying time and the main event. And it's impossible to take your eyes off the battle between top riders Chad Reed and James "Bubba" Stewart. {Chad is my favorite}

Then there are the occasional gasps of the crowd as some riders wreck. The video above shows a wreck between Reed and Stewart the week before at Anaheim. Supercross is a magical time. This year was amazing. Stewart won, but Reed would have had him if only there would have been a few more laps left. I came home addicted to Monster Java and the song If I Could Be Like That by 3 Doors Down {it played on the screen throughout the day}. I love this sport.