It's officially Girl Scout cookie season. Yesterday I was outside of Bashas (note: I've ditched Fry's- see Adventures in grocery shopping) and two girls came up to me in their green attire, just as sweet as could be, and asked if I wanted to purchase a box of cookies. All the while I am thinking:
  1. Who can say no to such polite little girls who seem to be struggling to sell their boxes.
  2. I read a news article-I think on Yahoo-about how the economy is hurting their profits and, not only that!, they were robbed (or something or other). So who could say no after that?
  3. And... who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies?!

So I walk up to the table where they were out of Samoas-only the best cookies ever! So I settled for a peanut butter flavor. But oh well. No complaints here- they were still delicious.