I'm rather disappointed, but alas I still love Nylon magazine. But come on, Kristen Stewart's performance in Twilight was dreadful to watch. And I have officially decided I will not be purchasing Twilight on DVD. It had some good moments, but overall was quite horrible. I'll stick with the books.
Random tid-bits:
  • Seventeen magazine came in the mail today and the article Eat Your Way To A Good Mood features a recipe that I just might try: turkey, celery and cream cheese roll-ups. Spread a little whipped cream cheese on a celery stick and wrap it with a lean turkey slice. Hmm...
  • Interview with LA singer via phone on Wednesday.
  • Mass Communication Law test tomorrow- oy vey! Brandenburg, Dennis, Schencks, The Pentagon Papers, oh my!
  • When does America's Next Top Model start back up? Anyone know?
  • Thursday: Clean, pack, finish up last minute homework and fly to the wonderful land of Tennessee. So excited.
  • Finallyyy figured out how to make the layout to where there is two sidebars and not one! Much better. I spent hours going through HTML only to discover that it was just a few simple fixes to get the wanted result.

And thank you to Apricot Tea for turning me on to a new (or shall I say old) song that I can not get out of my head: Build Me Up, Buttercup by The Foundations.