Versace Dress; Chanel Pearl and Crystal Flower Necklace; Christian Louboutin Platforms

Silver Dress;; Marc by Marc Jacobs Metallic Bow Pump

Miu Miu Satin Strapless Dress; Prada Flower Heels

Mustard Corset from; Black and Gold Prada Shoes; Forever 21 Headband; Blue Jacket from

Forever 21 Blue Ruffle Top; Elizabeth and James Skirt

Green Mui Mui Empire Waste Mini Dress; Prada Dahlia Satin Jeweled Clutch

Donna Karan dress; Yves Saint Laurent Satin Shoes; Tarina Tarantino Earrings

I love to escape back to my childhood while sitting down to watch a good Disney movie. I can remember being young and begging my mom to watch The Little Mermaid or Sleeping Beauty with me. Only would she ever agree to watch Cinderella. Apparently she wasn't a fan of the others. But I loved them all. Each movie had a favorite scene that, to this day, I would be perfectly content watching over and over again. For instance, the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty attempting to make a dress and a cake without using their wands will always remain a favorite. And Ariel as a human being is much preferred over when she is a mermaid. Although, ironically enough, I used to pretend I was a mermaid any time I was in a pool. I always dreamed of having my own prince one day. Reality has since sunk in and I honestly could care less if one came along. In case you didn't know, I am someone who is much more happy and sane when I am single. Although admittedly I am never fully sane.

But looking back now, if I would have to choose a favorite prince, it would surprisingly have to be the beast. I have noticed a trend in all the characters I have ever been attracted to. It is the men who always grow up for her; they put their idioticy aside because they find that she is worth it for him to be a man. Even in the shows and movies I watch today, this holds true. In chick flicks, I always choose those characters. In Gilmore Girls it was Logan and Jess. In One Tree Hill it was Nathan. In Gossip Girl it was Chuck. Sigh. (How did I end up on this conversation? I ramble all too often.) Sadly, not to mention pathetically, it seems most men don't want to be men nowadays- if that makes any sense. But who knows, maybe someday someone will prove me wrong. Until then, I prefer Marc Jacobs heels.