Garance Dore
Kat Macleod

For the past month I have gone from Barnes and Noble to Borders in search of Nylon magazine's March 2009 issue- apparently I forgot to send in my subscription. Alas, I finally found Nylon at Target, where it was located on the very last aisle of the store, tucked away on one of the lower shelves. I've received every issue for the last two years and would have been extremely disappointed to have missed one, especially since the April 2009 issue should be arriving in a few days. After skimming through the magazine for the past hour, I have to give them kudos for the 'designer sketches' article. I actually discovered Garance Dore months ago and have been in love with the sketches for quit some time now. The same is true with Kat Macleod. I found Laura Laine to be a bit dark for my taste, but still a talent all the same.

I'd also like to add, after reading what Kristen Stewart had to say, that smoking is bad. Clearly she must have went through a whole pack during the interview process considering every other paragraph seemed to say, "she lights another cigarette" or "kristen stewart is smoking." Is that really as deep as it gets? Nylon wrote, "It's clear she doesn't want, or even know how, to give sound bites, a trait that has earned her a reputation as being either standoffish or ungrateful." Well, the article certainly didn't disprove that she was ungrateful. I guess I'm just not a fan.