While growing up, many children would say their favorite hero was Batman, Spiderman or some other well-known superhero. But my childhood hero was a man who didn't need to have special powers. Why would he? He had a gun. I honestly can't believe it has taken me this long to write an entry about John Wayne, only the greatest actor ever known. The Cowboys, True Grit, El Dorado, Big Jake, The Sons of Katie Elder, and my all-time favorite- Rio Bravo. Who doesn't love Walter Brennan as Stumpy and Dean Martin as 'Dude'? Now Mr. Morrison (John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison for those who don't know) was a patriot, and one I highly respected while growing up, and still do. In fact, I've already decided that, once I have my own home, a large picture of John Wayne will hang over my fireplace. And yes, I am serious. His attitude is what I loved the most- a real man who you did not want to mess with. And he was certainly a handsome fellow at a young age. All I know is John Wayne is a legend. Which is why I can't understand how the Coen Brothers possibly believe they can put their hands anywhere near the movie True Grit. Who could ever play a better Rooster Cogburn?