It's been discussed with some friends and I that I have an addictive personality, which is why it's a good thing that I've stayed away from alcohol, drugs, and the like. I am one of those annoying types who becomes engrossed in a television show and falls in love with the characters. It's a bit of a pathetic addiction, really. Well, this season it was all about American Idol. I can remember first season when my aunt and cousins were in love with Kelly Clarkson and can still remember the few minutes I saw her perform. Third season I became hooked. I watched most of the seasons where the following idols won: Fantasia, Taylor Hicks, Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks. And I didn't watch one episode of last season. But I am happy to report that I missed only one episode of this entire season. Every Tuesday and Wednesday I sat glued to my television- through the auditions, Hollywood week and all the way up to the finale. Danny Gokey was my first favorite, with his heart-touching story about losing his wife, not to mention his incredible voice that Paula Abdul said "moved mountains." But a few performances later and I was in love with Adam Lambert. He hit notes I didn't know existed, let me tell you. Week after week he surprised more and more. But his version of "Mad World" was his most brilliant performance by far.

Then, out of nowhere, was Kris Allen. I never expected him to make it to the top five, let alone be this season's American Idol winner. Two weeks ago was the first time I could remember his last name after he did an outstanding performance of Kanye's "Heartless". Which, I have to agree with Randy, is better than the original. I had written him off early as being forgettable. He truly was 'the dark horse'. But these past few weeks he surprised me. He has a beautiful voice, can play both piano and guitar, and you love his supportive, loving family as much as you do him. Tonight I swore I wouldn't look at Twitter and discover who had won. I anxiously awaited the results while watching the two hour finale. I clapped, I screamed, I laughed, I cried- all at the TV, with my parents annoyed. And although it was the first time I even bothered voting for someone, I'm not upset Adam Lambert lost. Kris Allen's face, so shocked to have won, and the affectionate hug with his wife at the end made me smile with happiness. The humble guy with the guitar, "the underdog", truly deserved to win.

Favorites of the finale: The awards, Kris Allen's performance with Keith Urban and the top 13 singing "We Are The Champions". Oh and Kara's little move there with Miss Bikini was super shocking. Seriously the best talent this year on American Idol. I had fun times watching it with my mom and dad. And I can not wait to purchase both of their albums. Best American Idols ever {aside from Carrie Underwood, of course}. Now I shall continue watching American Idol Extra. I'm pathetically sad that this season is over. I loved them all. xoxo

P.S. I recommend downloading Kris Allen's version of "Heartless" and check out the finale video. And I want to hear your thoughts about this season and the finale? Who got your vote?