At what age do we outgrow the Disney Channel? Some would think it sad for a twenty year old to tune into Hannah Montana and JONAS every now and then. In fact, I thought it a bit pathetic up until two weeks ago. For one thing I never understood the Jonas Brothers obsession. But that has all changed. A few weeks ago I watched the premiere episode of their new show on the Disney Channel. Twenty-four hours hours later I found myself purchasing S.O.S. and When You Look Me In The Eyes from iTunes. And I've now watched all four episodes of the show JONAS. I've additionally purchased their songs A Little Bit Longer and Paranoid, and am eagerly awaiting the release of their third album. I've even become a 'fan' on Facebook, just to seal the deal. At twenty years old, I've become obsessed with today's most popular boy band. And I've now compiled a list of ten reasons why I love the Jonas Brothers.

1. They are Christians and wear purity rings, which I believe is a positive message in today's society. They also don't smoke, drink or do drugs.

2. They take the time out of their busy schedule to brighten one child's day. Example: Jonas Brothers visit 9-year-old suffering from Leukemia.

3. They have brown, curly hair. Call me biased, but brown, curly hair rocks.

4. They are always dressed extremely well. 

5. I just love Nick & Joe's voice.

6. They aren't stuck up and act "real", if that makes any sense. 

7. In every Youtube video that I've watched, they are constantly thanking their fans and it's a genuine thank you.

8. They stay connected with their fans. Whether it's their live videos on Facebook, Youtube videos or their phone messages on Myspace

9. Each brother is different, but all three have a great sense of humor. They make me laugh. Here are a few examples: Ellen DeGeneres Show, SNL (more SNL), Jay Leno, Cherub Bootcamp and Chat Moments.

10. You don't have to worry about them "breaking up" because, well, they're brothers.

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