"It looks like that flight into Phoenix will be delayed for about three hours." Well isn't that a surprise. I am currently sitting inside the airport in Nashville. My flight should be leaving in sixteen minutes, but instead I will be leaving in about three hours. Don't you love flight delays? It's such a lovely way to waste time... Sarcasm intended. I'd rather be at Uncle's house or in Franklin, TN sitting in Starbucks. Oh I need caffeine. Southwest airlines is not working for me this summer. My flight from Phoenix to Nashville was also delayed. And the WiFi in Nashville isn't free like it is Phoenix. I payed $7.95 in an effort to escape complete and utter boredom. My second home this summer: the airport. Between traveling to Europe and visiting Tennessee, I've spent way too much time in airports. Oh well... That's enough venting for now. Back to people watching (nothing like flight delays to freak out the American people) and internet surfing. Cheers.