________ in wonderland.

Another lazy, summer day. I'm wondering why, with each year, time seems to speed up and quickly slip away. I wish someone would just slam on the breaks or ease off on the gas pedal, just a little. Less than six weeks ago, I woke up in Paris, London and Dublin. I walked down cobbled streets of the world's most fashionable city, snacking on a delicious crepe. I rode an elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower and saw the sun set over the most beautiful city. I rode the Underground as it wisped beneath England's capital. I stood just feet away from the Queen and two real-life princes. I sat beneath a tree in St. James Park, watching time pass by in front of Buckingham Palace. I sang along to American Pie in a crowded, merry Irish pub. Each experience lasted but a moment. I am blessed because this summer resulted in not just dozens, but hundreds of wonderful moments. I just wish I could hit rewind and relive the memories for just a moment longer.