Nylon's TV issue came in the mail, instantly brightening my day (or I should say evening, since I didn't check the mail until 8 p.m.). So far I have just flipped through the pages, admiring a rainbow of colors and fonts and photographs. Each issue of Nylon truly is a piece of art. Here are a few things caught my eyes:

Page 64: Ms. Frizzle + Magic School Bus? Simply rad, considering I loved that show as a kid. Of course Nylon would choose a cartoon science teacher as a style icon.

Page 130: A dedication to Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli. Love.

Page 168: Could this show become my next obsession? Most likely.

Page 182: On second thought, maybe this season will be all about Glee.

Page 189: I'll probably catch an episode or two. Although, Sara Paxton is obnoxious.

Cover story: Edgy layout. I like. It's something new and different.

Page 202: Gossip Girl! Need I say more?

Page 204-211: Despite my dislike for V, her outfits are cool. But I'd still rather raid B's closet. What can I say, I heart headbands.