Aren't these puppies the cutest? Little dogs make my soul smile. This week I've been house-sitting for a friend, which means I've been hanging out with the two sweetest dogs on the planet. Both are Golden Retrievers, Dolly and Daisy. All they want to do is cuddle with you all day long and I seriously love them as much as I do my own dogs at home. One can not live without attention and is lying in bed with me as I type this, her chin resting on my leg.

When I live on my own I've decided I need three guard dogs. At least. They can hear things that we as humans simply can not. And they truly are the best alarm system. This week I've been woken up to barking before it was even light outside. And all times, knock on wood, it has been nothing. But they are good girls. And I appreciate them looking out for me. I can't imagine staying somewhere, alone, without another person or a dog. I think I'd freak and make up noises in my head, convincing myself that I must have heard something. I've said many times I want to live on my own. When I say this, I mean alone as in the only human being. Dogs, and the larger the better, are a must. But, if this week has taught me anything it's to own dogs who do not shed much hair. I'm not one for having to vacuum every day.