I thought it was time for me to write a new post, despite my mind being a jumbled mess at the moment. Here's my life lately:

1. This semester will no doubt be the most stressful semester of my college education. My political science classes are killing me. And, of course, I have two papers, exams and a debate around the same time. Plus I have an internship, which I love by the way. I had to quit State Press Magazine. While I loved the staff and the magazine, it was too much for my schedule. Especially since I have to make sure I keep my grades up for my scholarship- only one more semester to stress about maintaining my scholarship! I'm trying to learn how to take things one day at a time at the moment. So far I'm unsuccessful. But hopefully I'm making some progress.

2. I'm constantly thinking about what is going to happen after graduation. So far the plan is Nashville. I've already started searching for jobs and all it's doing is making my stomach hurt. I'm currently looking into working for a wedding planner, music venue or CMT. The one position available that I've found? Security guard. No bueno. But hopefully I'll find something.

3. I've been waking up to new ideas of what to do with my life. I'm starting to compose a list of things I want to accomplish before I'm thirty. Here's just a few: travel around Europe for six months, live in a foreign country for a year, make my way into the music industry via public relations, spend an entire day in St. James Park, spend New Year's Eve in Times Square, buy a house, buy a Mastiff. But most importantly: get the heck out of Arizona- ASAP.

4. Bring on more family stress. I love my parents and my brother and my entire family... dearly. But staying in Arizona isn't going to help anything- sorry. Is it selfish to want to leave it all behind and start my own life? What's the point in me suffocating as well? I don't know...

5. Blah... I need to get back to researching for my debate. More posts later... hopefully... when I have time.