Reading... Nylon magazine and blogs- Apricot Tea and Your Wishcake at the moment. No books aside from the required readings for school.

Listening... The Killers station and R.E.M. station on Pandora. Exploring some new music. Currently "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2 is ringing through my ears. Always a favorite.

Watching... Gilmore Girls. Can I move to Stars Hallow? Pretty, pretty please. And I've been watching The Vampire Diaries. Wickedly good. & Much better acting than Twilight.

Wanting... Fall weather so I can start wearing a jacket. Also wanting: some new necklaces, rings and necklaces. I raided my mom's jewelry box and found an old collection of antique jewelry in my closet. Currently wrapping some necklaces around my wrists. Layering on chunky rings. Makes me want to go antique shopping. Last place I went was in Notting Hill, London. It's been too long.

Making... plans. Lots and lots of plans.

Loving... Music. As always. Music gets me through it all.

Feel free to join in and do this post, comment me if you do so I can come read yours.
Idea taken from: Daydream Lily