You're following your neighbor around a grocery store. You think he's a serial killer. Suddenly he disappears. You go to your vehicle located in a parking garage. Suddenly your neighbor is in front of you. What do you do? Well what you should not do is keep your windows rolled down. And what you should do is lock your doors. Don't just stare at him dumfounded, idiot! Back up your car and get the heck out of there! People in scary movies, like the one I watched tonight, can be so stupid. I decided to rent Disturbia for the second time and watch it with my dad. And it reminded me of one of my past entries titled, "Oh, the horror!"

Currently I have links on the side column to my favorite past diary entries. But for some reason or other, the links do not work properly. So, I decided to put a directory of all my favorite past entries here. Enjoy.

1. Adventures in Franklin: Franklin, Tennessee is the happiest place on earth.
2. Autumn: My favorite season. This entry takes me back to this time last year.
3. The O.C.: California... California... Here we come!
4. Pick Up Lines: Hello, I'm Chuck Bass.
5. Supercross: Only the most exciting day of the year.
6. Gossip Girl Fashion: You know you love me. Xoxo.
7. When I Grow Up...: I want to be _____________________.
8. Adventures in Grocery Shopping: Oh those snowbirds in Arizona.
9. Princess Couture: And she lived happily ever after... with her Prada bag.
10. Valentine's Day: Perfect for a Nicholas Sparks marathon?
11. The Facebook Trend: We've all been there, done that.
12. Oh The Horror: I'm not one for scary movies.
13. Jonas Brothers: I'm still obsessed. In fact, I purchased a Rolling Stone JB bag from Wally World today. And yes, I will wear it everywhere.
14. American Idol: Confession, I had a dream about a month ago where I was trying to seduce Adam Lambert. Do I dream about seducing straight men? No. Gay men? Apparently. I love you, Lambert!
15. Belfast, Ireland: Europe, my love, I miss you.
16. Travels to Europe: It all feels like a dream.