“That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” -Great Gatsby

Things to accomplish this Christmas season:
  • making dozens of caramel turtle cookies
  • third annual Christmastime sleepover
  • sleeping in to the wee hours of the afternoon (occasionally)
  • holiday flick marathon: the holiday, just friends, a christmas story, mean girls, the grinch (cartoon version)
  • going to the movies: princess & the frog, sherlock holmes, brothers
  • late night starbucks run
  • blogging, lots and lots
  • 2010 new year's celebration with bottles of apple cider
  • diving into a favorite book, including eloise
  • endless cups of coffee
  • driving around to see all the twinkle lights
  • making playlists
  • music video with friends
  • all-nighters
  • long drives at night, blasting music and singing loudly (and horribly)
  • making people laugh
  • searching for things to inspire
  • my usual tradition of having the o.c. season one marathon, for i can not imagine celebrating "chrismukkah" without seth cohen
  • finding a place for my framed magnet board to display pretty, pretty, pretty things
  • sledding
  • getting over my cold (i write this as i sneeze)
  • keeping my room neat and tidy
  • smiling, living, growing and creating