Christmas has come to an end, which means 2010 is right around the corner. So here is to looking back on a wonderful 2009.
  • music: I attended two concerts, Jonas Brothers and Honor Society. I consider the JB concert to be one of the top five days of my life, easily. Gwenie & I had floor seats next to the stage. This was the year I fell in love with Nick, Joe and Kevin and became ten years old all over again. I was also obsessed with Taylor Swift and Adam Lambert, who should have won. He was the first American Idol contestant to receive my vote.
  • sports: I love, love, love my Arizona Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald is my favorite. And Sundays are spent yelling at the television screen. I went to Supercross for about the tenth year in a row. I also attended my first hockey game and loved it.
  • school: I began my senior year and held two internships, one at a non-profit (which will continue next semester) and the other at a magazine.
  • travel: I studied abroad as a foreign correspondent in Dublin, Paris and London. This was my first time traveling outside the United States. I also traveled to Tennessee twice, once in February for a cousins wedding (it snowed) and the other in July. I made the decision to move there next year.
  • the downs: My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer about two months ago. My uncle had a heart attack earlier this year. Two of my dogs died. My father often argued about money.
  • friends: I hosted three dinner parties for my closest friends. I do this every year. I stopped being friends with a best friend on my birthday in April. I haven't spoken to her since.
  • movies: I saw at least twenty-two movies in theaters. Harry Potter, The Blind Side, Up, Sherlock Holmes, Defiance and Star Trek were my favorites. I attended two midnight premieres: Harry Potter and New Moon. I am Team Jacob. I also went to the worldwide premiere of Wolverine, which meant standing less than ten feet away from Liev Schrieber, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.
  • tv: I became obsessed with Glee and The Vampire Diaries. I only missed one episode of American Idol. Chuck and Blair are my favorite TV couple, but I'm sure next year it will be Finn and Rachel.
  • bought: My most expensive purchases this year were my iPod touch, Macbook and a Canon Rebel. I also bought an expensive pair of Steve Madden boots that I love.
  • other: I was baptized early this year, dyed my hair for the first time, went sledding for the first time, turned 20, gained weight (sadly), started subscribing to Rolling Stone and Elle, started a Tumblr, stayed single (and loved it), wore skinny jeans half the year and had the best year of my life. I also made my first Youtube video, because I was in an exceptionally good mood that day (promise not to laugh at my lack of dance skills):

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!