Is this Narnia?

The year has been full of blessings, with little angel kisses along the way. In January, I dreamt of packing up a suitcase and traveling across the sea, full of dorys and mermaids and shiny patrick stars, to a land far, far away. The words impossible were thrown all around me, making me dizzy. But My King always knows better, doesn't He?

For I sang in Dublin pubs, with smiles that shouted 'I want to be forever young.' I walked the cobblestone streets of Paris, heavenly crepe stands on every corner, where I often stopped for a taste of banana and Nutella. Standing in awe of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which before only existed in story books about gypsies and hunchbacks. A train ride taking me to a land as magical as Harry Potter himself. An arrival at King's Cross, where muggles were hustling and bustling about their day. Celebrating the Queen's official birthday, a parade where Prince William and Harry rode by in a carriage, followed by another with the queen. A fairytale.

How I wish I could revisit each memory. A time-turner necklace would be lovely. For now I'll carry each enchanting moment with me, nestled in my pocket. ★