Saint Paul's Cathedral
Notre Dame


Look at this lovely find. I've been in search of a pretty planner for the coming year and I found this one, made by O-Check Design Graphics, at Anthropologie. An early Christmas present. It opens up to a sketch of Notre Dame Cathedral. And St. Paul's Cathedral, too. Two places I was blessed enough to visit this year! Such a beautiful scheduler, with pictures and drawings and maps scattered throughout the months. And little places to journal as well. Each year I search for a pretty planner or calendar. Us Dorys of the world couldn't survive without one, for we often forget.

Six years ago I started recording my daily activities at days end. Now I can revisit any day I choose. Two years ago I had a sleepover with five of my closest friends and we drove to see the twinkle lights and ate the night away, snacking on sweets and playing board games hours on end I'm sure. Four years past and I had lunch with mom's friends and made sugar cookies with a best friend. Five years ago was spent playing Halo with my older brother. Those were the days when he still lived at home, the days I miss. It's funny how time changes things. β˜…

Q: What are some of the things you miss from years past?