Rain drops racing down the window, cotton ball rain clouds in the sky. The fireplace is warm, too warm, making it feel like summertime in my room. My throat is aching. Five more minutes. Two more. I don't want to face the day. The tile freezes the bottom of my toes. I sit in the shower, letting the hot water run down my hair, resting my eyes as the water flows down the drain. Jeans, t-shirt, jacket, scarf. I need tissues. Caffeine is the only way to survive. First final takes a total of fourteen minutes. That makes me happy.

Two hours until writing for public relations. Target? No, Starbucks. Nonfat mocha in hand, Rosyln playing through the speakers and a delicious pumpkin scone. The parking lot is half empty- or is it half full? Doodles of music lyrics, coffee cups and swirls define the next hour. I want to do a music video. With the sun peeking through my french doors, outside my balcony holding an umbrella. Leaves falling, falling with the time of autumn. Books and journals and pretty things. The sound of violins and a piano playing in the background. Hum.

It's still raining. I'm tired. Five more days and I'll be in the snow. Grey skies, I love you more than a big ball of light. Puddles of rain. Christmas lights and trees and decorations. I admire the pretty houses as I drive home. Winter is nearly here. ★