Today began with seeing Avatar. My initial thoughts were, "Oh boy, this is going to be lame." But au contraire. It was fantastic and I love, love, love Sam Worthington. Now I'm sitting in my room after watching Monday Night Football (which I absolutely love and jumped up and down when the Bears made a touchdown in overtime; I'm not a Bears fan, but the Vikings are the Cardinals closest competition; and the Cardinals are my team). Anywho...

U2 is playing through the speakers. I had an inkling to go rummaging through my closet. Boy, is it a mess. Clothes thrown about; with books, dvds and magazines piled on shelves. I decided to clean a bit, but had a desire to photograph my wardrobe instead, or part of it anyway. And it would appear all I wear is black, more for the fact that it's slimming, rather than being a dark person. & I have no idea why I own so many jackets. Coats that can only be worn a total of two full months throughout the year, I'm sure. This is Arizona, after all. Well here's rummaging in my closet:

my leather jacket

This is my most favorite jacket. Black and leather, I discovered it on sale past January at Dillards. It's hanging on a clothing rack my mother discovered in an antique store for $10. We spray painted it pink.

jackets galore

See what I mean? Jackets galore and all but one that isn't black. And I didn't even photograph them all; these are merely my favorite.

From left to right: Top row- Vera Wang peacoat, Kenzie silver jacket, bagatelle leather jacket, DKNY blazer, Forever 21 military jacket, H&M jacket Bottom row- Vera Wang jacket, Target Mossimo Jacket, Forever 21 French Terry Cropped Jacket, H&M silver dress

tops, scarves, and the like

These are just random bits of clothing I had lying around the floor of my closest. Have I mentioned I'm a mess?

From left to right: Vintage fur coat mom and I discovered at an antique shop, Gianni Bini royal blue tanktop, pink scarf I purchased in Paris, Express vest, blue scarf purchased at Anthropologie, Miley & Max chiffon ruffle blouse, white shawl I use as a scarf that once belonged to a dear old friend of mine and mothers who passed away several years ago, Honor Society concert tee, Forever 21 Love Runs Deep tee

jobro rolling stone bag

One of my favorite purses. Purchased at Walmart.

what's inside your purse

Deena & Ozzy Harness Satchel from Urban Outfitters, stuffed with Nylon magazine, Rayban sunshades, iPod touch, wallet, journal and other random items.

blair waldorf headband addiction

Part of my headband collection, mostly purchased at Forever 21.

shoes, bows and clutches

Hair clip, black clutches, Jessica Simpson sandals, Steve Madden boots, and my most beloved Nike shoes. Plain, dirty and nothing special. These shoes have walked the streets of Europe and Tennessee and have accompanied me to two concerts. On the bottom of the shoe, I write all the places they have been. They're my travel shoes and are as comfy as can be.

goodbye, beautiful ornaments

Oh & I just loved the colors of our ornaments as we packed them away. Another Christmas come and gone. Hooray for the coming new year! β˜…