Snow Tennessee
Creepy Eyes Vampire Weekend
Paris Buckingham Palace
Nick Jonas Joe Jonas
Honor Society Honor Society

1. February in Tennessee, the day after my cousin's wedding, a wonderland of snow 2. July in Tennessee, my uncle's horse 3. My best friend Gwen and I at the Honor Society concert in August 4. My Halloween vampire-themed dinner party 5. A June boat ride in Paris 6. St. James Park, sitting on the wall near Buckingham Palace 7. Nick of the Jonas Brothers, when Gwen & I had floor seats right next to the stage at their concert 8. Joe of the Jonas Brothers 9. Honor Society drum set 10. Honor Society concert 11. My nephew's fourth birthday party 12. Me, after I dyed my hair ★

All polaroids were made with the help of this nifty little tool: Poladroid 9.6