Fairy Crown

  • Floral wire
  • Two different colors of ribbon
  • Pliers (Or heavy-duty scissors)
  • Butterflies (Ashland Signature Accents from Michaels)
  • Plastic floral garland (purchased from Michaels & can be found in the Valentine's Day section)
  1. Cut out three pieces of green wire and twist them together. Twist at end to form a circle. This is the base of the crown. Make sure it fits around your head.
  2. Now cut out seven to nine pieces of green wire that are of equal length. (Mine were about 15 inches long.) These will help form the top of the crown.
  3. Fold each piece in half and attach each end about 3 1/2 inches apart on the base of the crown. Continue doing this with all the pieces. (My crown was about 5 inches tall.)
  4. This is now the frame of the crown.
  5. For the floral garland, like that featured in the second photograph, separate each strand by unwrapping the outer wrapping that holds all the garland together. (Notice in picture two the three separate pieces of garland, these were taken from the full piece of garland.)
  6. Wrap the garland around each side of the upper part of the crown.
  7. Next you will wrap one color of ribbon around the base of the crown and tie it together at the end.
  8. Repeat step seven with the other color of ribbon.
  9. Now take your butterflies and place them wherever you choose.
  10. Let the wild rumpus start! ★

P.S. I received a Sunshine Award from the lovely S and O Productions. Thank you, S&O!