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The lovely Lazzenia from A Beautiful Mess has passed on to me an award thingy ma jig. I am to write four things about myself and then pass it on to four more people. First, I'd like to thank Lazzenia because this is the first time I've been nominated to do one of these things, so thank you very, very much.

Four Things

1. I have a bunch of red dots on my neck where I have more blood vessels than the average person near the surface of my skin. It's a birth mark. Throughout the years people have asked if it's a hickey, a tattoo and so on. & in kindergarten a boy called me an alien. My mom always told me they were merely thousands of angel kisses. I still believe they are.

2. I often miss my childhood and the days when things were simple. Before heart break and other things that harden us over time. Before mom got sick and when brother still lived at home. I miss him.

3. When I was a little girl we had a collie named Misty. She slept on the floor near my bed. Every night I'd say my prayers & pray for our dogs. I forgot to pray for her one night and in the morning she was dead. As a child, I'd been convinced it was my fault.

4. I absolutely love to travel. The love began after I studied abroad past June to Paris, London & Dublin. I'd love to see more of Europe and revisit my favorite places. I miss St. James Park in London, the crepe stands in Paris and the merry pubs of Dublin. I really want to travel everywhere- Egypt, Japan, Germany are at the top of my list. & I dream of going to New York one day. I always said I'd like to live there for at least a year of my life. Now I say that about London. Maybe I can do both one day.

I'm passing this on to:

Kelly Ann
Shelby from Eloise & Γ‰clairs
Holly from Fawned
Danica from A Sight To Be Seen