Lovie Dovie
Essie Mint Candy Apple & Lovie Dovie nail polish I purchased yesterday

WTWTA album I also purchased at UO with a Christmas giftcard
The sky tells me the wild things are upset tonight. Soaking in a sea of bubbles, listening to Rumpus with the volume turned up high. Crashing sounds. Thunder? No, the wild rumpus has merely started. I suddenly wish I had my own little boat, just to escape. The black record spins round and round. The rain pounds on the windowpane, little tears from the sky. I want to design a pretty crown and run off to a forest with a warm fire waiting for me. I'd roast marshmallows the whole night long. Perhaps once I receive my shirt from UO that I ordered yesterday? Yes, that will be my first order of business. ★

P.S. I am so excited to show you my crown I made today! And perhaps I'll include DIY instructions if you'd like? It's very woodland fairy, moreso than Where The Wild Things Are. But it's a crown nonetheless, with butterflies, ribbon and flowers. Stay tuned.