"What's so special about this Bella girl? Edward is really whipped." -Damon Salvatore

I can't explain to you the excitement I had when I received this month's Nylon magazine in the mail. I'm Nylon obsessed and rely on my monthly dose of inspiration from it's artistic, funky pages. Featured on the February cover are the stars of The Vampire Diaries, one of my TV obsessions. When I first saw the show, I fell in love with Paul Wesley's character, Stefan. But I couldn't put my finger on where I'd seen him before. Don't you love IMDB when those moments occur? Duh! He was the guy who brought a gun to a party in the first season of The O.C., nearly killing Orange County's popular water polo player Luke. How could I forget that, right? And Nina Dobrev I recognized in an instant from the years of watching Degrassi on The N. Which, by the way, is a fantastic show.

Now I must admit, when I first saw The Vampire Diaries commercials on the CW, before the pilot aired, I was skeptical. Another Twilight, right? No. Far from it, in my opinion. For instance, it's way, WAY better. I'm a huge fan of the Twilight books. But the films? Not so much, aside from Taylor Lautner's abs. Call me shallow. Anyway, I decided to purchase the free Vampire Diaries off iTunes when it first aired and let me just say: Nina Dobrev pwns Kristen Stewart. And Ian Somerhalder's character, Damon? All I can say is Chuck Bass: out. Damon Salvatore: in.

For those who have yet to see the Vampire Diaries or are a bit skeptical like I was, I dare you to watch the pilot. ★

Q: What shows are you obsessed with?