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I'm usually girlishly excited about this time of the year. My world turns pink in February. Days are spent with too many trips to Target, swooning over heart-shaped decor and kitchenware. Nights are spent eating too much Dove chocolate and reading the tiny sayings written on the inside of the foil wrapper. Chick flicks play in the background as I drift to sleep. [Speaking of, what's your favorite chick flick?]

But I've been busy. Exhausted. In desperate need of one of two things: caffeine or a nap. I have a test, quiz, paper, memo and a lab waiting to be completed, and other random bits of homework. And then there is tomorrow: my dinner party. I need to go grocery shopping stat. My eyes are drooping at the mere thought. "Take a nap!" I think I will. But this entry is serving as a pause button- where just for a moment I can appreciate the girlishness of the holiday. So this is my pink, girlish post- as far as pictures are concerned. Have a splendid Valentine's Day. What are your plans? β˜…

[Please note: I do not find Valentine's Day depressing. At all. Because I am 100 percent turned off at the idea of being in a relationship at the moment. And I think the holiday- for me- is about embracing who you are and appreciating yourself. Loving yourself. You don't need a guy to tell you that you're special. You're already special! Just FYI to those who are single. In my opinion. For further explanation, you can read this blog entry from a few months ago. Or this entry.]

P.S. This Valentine is for you. Yes, you. Save it. Post it. Pass it along to your followers. Ignore it. Whatever- it's yours. xx