I would love to find myself owning my own wedding planning business one day in Franklin, Tennessee. I'd like to specialize in fairy tale weddings. I'd have an old royal blue truck with three pink vintage roses painted on the hood. On the side of the door would read "Krissie Kait Weddings" or something or other. My bloodhound would be my best friend. Free time would be spent antique shopping, always keeping an eye out for inspiration, and canoeing on the creek near my uncles house. Life would be lovely.

Anyway, I've been obsessed with Style Me Pretty lately and it has me dreaming about my perfect wedding. Even though the likelihood of me getting married any time soon (or possibly ever) is nearly zero percent. Nonetheless, here are some of the details about my dream wedding. I have more ideas than what is featured below, but that's enough rambling for one post. ★

COLORS Pink and royal blue
FOOD Grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, corn and whatnot
DRINKS Apple cider and lemonade served in old glass jars
CAKE Macaroons and cupcakes, which is odd considering my fascination with wedding cakes
FLOWERS Hydrangeas and daisies
LOCATION Tennessee, with hundreds of twinkle lights and chandeliers hanging from the trees
DRESS Above photo; jeweled flip flops and an old-fashioned veil
MUSIC A father and a mother daughter dance; "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw & "Best Day" by Taylor Swift
OTHER Instead of a traditional guest book, I'd want a polaroid of each guest with their signature below. I also like the idea of a "DIY Cupcake Bar"

What is your dream wedding? Or if you're already married, what were some of the details of your wedding?