{what I'm currently loving}
1. The fact that both Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas are in the above music video
2. Learning how to play Taylor Swift music on my keyboard
3. Alice's dresses in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
4. How I now have my dad obsessed with The O.C.
5. Rainy Sundays
6. Knowing Spring Break is only a week away
7. Updating and redesigning my personal Web site
8. Water with lemon
9. My favorite pair of skinny jeans
10. Having tickets to two upcoming awesome concerts: Honor Society & Owl City

{what I'm currently hating}
1. The fact that The Vampire Diaries won't be back on for another three weeks (as well as Glee)
2. American Idol's "talent" this year; I'm so disappointed
3. Stressful school days
4. Not knowing what I want to do after graduation
5. Have I mentioned... I don't know what to do?!
{I will post on this later, along with my bucket list}