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Honor Society

Can't sleep. Drinking caffeine late at night is never a good idea for me. But it's tradition for Gwenie and I to go to In N' Out after a Honor Society concert and Diet Coke sounded good. Tonight was the third time I've seen Honor Society in the past eight months. I first saw them perform in August as an opening act at a Jonas Brothers concert. I was blown away. Then Gwenie and I saw them in October when they went on their own tour. Although I must say that concert was a tad awkward. I'm tall {a quarter of an inch shy of six foot} and I must have been in Michael Bruno's {the lead singer} line of vision because I swear he made eye contact with me about a hundred times. I love him and all, but it was too much awkwardness for me to handle. Thankfully tonight wasn't as bad. Anway their music truly is terrific, in my opinion. Their concerts are terrific. They are terrific. I love them. & tonight was truly fantastic. ★

Q: What band have you seen the most in concert?
P.S. The first three pictures are from the October HS concert and the last photo is from tonight. Hopefully I'll have some more to put up soon of tonight's concert.