I have new music to recommend to you. Last night I went to the Owl City concert, featuring Paper Route and LIGHTS. I'm not a crazy Owl City fan, but I thought it would be a fun, mellow concert- and it was. Plus it was kinda fun to hang out with all the teenage hipsters from Arizona. Energetic group, that's for sure. & Adam Young has the prettiest stage (cool lights) and is an interesting (a bit strange, but cool) performer. Maybe you've already heard of the following artists. If not, here's new music for you to check out:


A rad group of guys from Nashville. According to Facebook, influences include Jurassic Park, magic tricks, Alice in Wonderland and the Titanic soundtrack.
Songs to start with: Carousel, Wish, Gutter


A Canadian girl who makes intergalactic-electro music. Pretty voice. Her birthday is today.
Songs to start with: The Listening, Saviour (Adam Young remix), February Air