1. Genuine conversations with my mom. "Life would have been pointless if I had never met your dad." I truly love my parents.
  2. Playing hopscotch, seeing How to Train Your Dragon and blowing bubbles with my nephew.
  3. Knowing what I like. You know what I mean? Knowing that there are certain things and opinions that make you, well, you.
  4. Lyrics that remind me that we're all in this together. We each wake up in the morning & just hope to survive another day in a messy world.
  5. Wearing makeup, which I hardly ever do. This week I put on mascara and eyeshadow. Gasp.
  6. Promise Tangeman's Web site and blog. {Side story: So Kelly Ann, who lives in Cali, posted a link to Promise's site. I had never seen her site before and discovered Promise lives in Arizona. I live in Arizona. A day after I discover her site, she does a post on the wedding of a girl I was in a small group with last year. Crazy, small world- right?}
  7. Couples who are head over heels for each other. You see it in wedding photographs. You see it on their faces. I don't know, maybe the fairytale stuff does exist. Even though I go around saying I never want to get married, who knows, maybe one day I'll change my mind.
  8. Dancing to LIGHTS while driving to and from school. ★
Q: What are you loving this week?