A beautiful place to be sure. Things that are significant, yet so small. If only I could carry them around in my pocket, as if they were simple pieces of sunshine I could look back on and smile. Hope, inspiration and adventure bring happiness. But today none can be found. A day of hurt, tears and fear. My walls are listening and no one else. "This isn't you." Then who am I? Forgetfulness can be a tragic thing. I see their disappointment. It's something I've seen for a while now. It's there in the mirror every morning. I am my worst critic and enemy at times. But aren't we all? She was going to be one of the greats, with a significant life full of beauty and dreams. But now it would seem she's fell down some sort of rabbit hole, with the key far from reach. She doesn't want to go mad, but she can't seem to wake up. ★

{More pretty pictures below...}

P.S. I really want to see this movie.