A few nights ago I wrote a blog post the length of a novel, which I'm still editing. The topic was my Nan aka grandmother. It sparked an idea. Why not have mother write a post to accompany mine? It is about her mother after all, and I thought she would bring a new & interesting perspective. Long story short, mother now has her own blog. She believes it will be "therapeutic" for her. The title is Mattie Rose. This comes from her obsession with ancestry.com where she discovered that most ancestors with her first name had the nickname Mattie. Rose was just another family name.

Now I may regret having this idea of her blogging, simply because she now has the ability to share embarrassing stories about my childhood- not to mention the ability to post equally embarrassing photographs. But I couldn't say no to helping her. After all, it was her birthday this week.

{"Read more" to find out more about my madre...}

A little bit about my madre:
+ She was born and raised in Tennessee.
+ Has an obsession with antiques and always finds the best deals.
+ In my opinion, should have been an interior designer.
+ Traveled to Arizona on a bus when she was 19 years old, met my dad and has been here ever since.
+ Still has the Southern accent. Always asked the question, "Are you from Texas?"

Be sure to visit her and give her some love. β˜…

Do any of your family members have a blog, readers?