I've decided to write about the silliest thing: my glasses. Thanks to Tumblr, Lookbook.nu and (admittedly) the Jonas Brothers, I've developed an obsession with hipster specs. For months I desperately searched for a pair. I stumbled upon what I thought to be perfect black-rimmed shades at Nordstrom, only to get laughed at by a friend when I tried them on. Needless to say, I made zero purchases that day. Since then, I've logged on to UO's website and ordered a suitable pair. And I eagerly waited for my 'readers' to arrive in the mail.

The glasses are larger than what I originally wanted. I have a small face, or so my mother tells me. But no matter. I absolutely love them, but no one else seems to approve. Father is continuously saying, "You're not going to wear those in the store are you?" Mother just laughs and shakes her head. Despite rolling eyes and laughter, I love 'em. And I've decided I'm going to wear what I want to wear, even if it means looking like a complete and utter dork. β˜…

Do you wear (or like) anything at the disapproval of your friends or family, readers?